Lean Start-up Methodology as a Basis for Digital Product Development


In our work we use a lot of different methods and instruments allowing us to find best solutions for our clients. Recently we described how we used lead user method developing our UTEX.

Recently we also started to use Lean Start-up Methodology and were impressed how this approach changed the product from the very start of its development. Thanks to it UTEX achieves its primary objectives and has demand on the market. Moreover, following Lean Startup methodology and product approach allowed us to turn many of our web-development projects and communicational campaigns into working digital products helping their owners achieve their business-goals.

We have concluded our experience into 5 basic principles of Lean Start-up Methodology for our team to keep in mind developing digital products:

  1. Validating the idea, investigating and developing the MVP your core question should be not “how to build the product”, but rather “should this product be built”.
  2. Follow the “5 whys” method when you doubt. This is helpful when searching for an answer or a solution.
  3. Go to customers asap. Do not create anything just for yourself, always keep them in mind and involve them into the process where possible. Following lead user methodology, it happened in our practice that the first lead users interviews took place on the idea validation stage, even before the MVP.
  4. Building a successful product is constant learning. All the processes should be built to follow the Feedback loop: Build-measure-learn. And agile principles.
  5. All stated above requires specific approaches to project management, allowing constant measurement and appropriate amendments. Measure everything that can be measured, and adapt your plans very quickly accordingly.

We have already experienced positive effect of using product approach and Lean Startup Methodology in our projects, and are very satisfied with our results. And which principles do you follow working on projects?

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