MG: SMM strategy

Task: To create and implement a successful strategy to promote the MG car brand on social networks.
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Solution: For MG, this was the second attempt to enter the Ukrainian market. Moreover, the company's segment is very highly competitive, and a new company in the market needs to build a brand image and create an audience from scratch. We conducted a comprehensive analysis and identified 2 main audience segments, for each of which we conducted research on barriers and benefits of buying and formed a brand positioning. The basis of the communication was also that MG should create emotional content relevant to the audience's requests. Friendly, clear, and informative communication is essential for key messages. And in appropriate circumstances, communication should be fun and informal. 4 main features of content for MG - creativity, personalization, illustration of values ​​, and psychological comfort. The brand is allowed to experiment, so for a strong start in digital, we have combined traditional marketing tools, exciting creativity, and quality promo strategy. In the content, we used storytelling elements, gamification and engaged readers in dialogue. And the structure of the main messages conveyed to consumers the values ​​and benefits of the brand while remaining simple, friendly, and understandable. The most popular social networks among Ukrainians were chosen for promotion: Facebook and Instagram. In addition, regular daily publications in an interactive format, the use of challenges, CTA-buttons, infographics, and questions allow you to diversify the news feed and attract audiences with different interests. On Facebook, we managed to exceed the coverage by 128% and traffic to the site by as much as 363%. For Instagram, coverage and engagement rates were exceeded by 310% and 437%, respectively. Creative videos with zooming and animation collected the best indicator of involvement.

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