Task: UX/UI design for corporate website of a fintech startup Coinify, Denmark.
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Solution: Any web-site is a digital face of the brand, the core source of information about the company and its services, the key and often first touchpoint for potential clients. That's why it is crucially important to think before start about the mission and values your brand carries, about how you want to be perceived, what actions you want your users to take, and vice versa - what do they potentially look for and intend to do on your site. So a simple at a first glance task - to make a UX design for the future website's main page - had turned into target audience investigation, product research and brainstorms series, thanks to which we have not only refreshed the brand's digital identity, but also developed user flows and future website's architecture, updated the navigation, and added a bit of Danish hygge to it - sunshine, warmness, joy and friendliness.

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