GURN (German Ukrainian Researchers Network)

Task: to develop a website for the project of the Institute of European Politics (Germany). The project is oriented at juniour and senior analysts of German and Ukrainian analytic centers and universities willing to strengthen their professional expertise in the sphere of practical investigations and implement common investigation projects with thematical focus on Ukraine. The key website's objective is to engage new participants to the project.
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Solution: the easiest and most user-friendly way to engage online audience is to get feedback via forms. We developed 4 static forms on the website and additionally created a special form-constructor allowing the client to generate the needed fields for the form on the page Announcements themselves. Thus, creating certain events, contest etc., the client has an opportunity to gather prospects' data (separately from each form and each language version). One more feature of the admin panel is the constructor for special projects - the client can create a page themselves out of a certain number of blocks. To make special project pages more prominent there is also a different from other pages scrolling. Moreover, the feature is implemented to move materials from one section to another by a single click of the mouse. For example, when an event passed, one can move the material from section Announcements to section News, comments or several other sections.

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